10 Best Exercises for Women for Better Health

Women’s fitness is very important to maintain a proper BMI (Body Mass Index). In this fast-paced generation we must not forget that a woman’s reproductive health also affects her overall health.

Due to unhealthy diet and less physical activity, women’s health may deteriorate, but with some best exercises for women, they can easily overcome any health issue. A body that is physically active has more health benefits over the body that is less physically active. Your BMI can be maintained with the help of a proper diet, but with regular physical activity you can improve your muscle tone and cardiovascular health.

In this blog post we will explore the fitness tips for females to improve their reproductive health as well as the overall health. Maintaining women’s reproductive health can also improve fertility and increase the chances of getting pregnant, hormonal balance, and other reproductive issues.

women’s reproductive health

10 Best Exercises for Women 

Regular physical activity can help with women’s reproductive health, it improves your mood, sleep pattern, immune system and also helps in boosting your self-esteem. You can choose from several exercises, as every exercise has a benefit of its own. For women’s fitness she can consider doing weight exercises, it will increase the health of bones, burn fat, and make your joints stronger.            

Below we have curated some exercises for women which can improve their health.

  1. Cycling: Cycling is one of the best exercises for women to improve your cardiovascular health. It reduces your risk of getting heart diseases. Cycling helps with lowering the blood pressure and cholesterol and lowers your risk of breast cancer.
  2. Swimming: Swimming is the other exercise to maintain your cardiovascular health. It strengthens your muscles and helps in maintaining a healthy weight, and keeps your heart and lungs healthy. It tones your muscles and builds strength from within. Swimming is a workout for the whole body.
  3. Skipping (Jump Rope): Skipping or Jump rope can improve your heart health and increase your body flexibility. It helps in reducing your belly fat, strengthens your bone health and boosts your mental health. It gives you speed, endurance and power.
  4. Side Plank: Doing side planks everyday can strengthen your oblique abdominal muscle and also help in the reduction of belly fat. It strengthens your shoulders, hips and core. It also improves your balance and reduces your risk of a back injury.

How to do it: Lie on the right side and put your forearm on the flat surface and lift your hips at 45 degrees. You must hold this pose for at least 30 to 60 seconds, depending on your fitness level. Repeat it on your left side.

  1. Single-Leg Deadlift: Single-leg deadlift works best for your hamstrings, lower back, ankles, core, and glutes (bum). You need to perform it with a dumbbell or a kettlebell. It improves your balance and tones your butt, basically strengthens your lower body.

How to do it: Stand straight with both your feet on the ground. Take support of one leg and slide your other leg back. Move your upper body forward, keep the balance and bend your knee a little and light the kettlebell or dumbbell with one hand.

Try to pull the weight with the muscles of the back body: butt muscles and hamstrings. Complete the exercise by keeping your body upright and keep the leg on the ground straight now. Maintain the position for a few seconds till you feel the balance and then lower the weight in your hand to the ground. Repeat it five times per leg.

  1. Squats: Squat is an exercise to strengthen your lower body. It strengthens pretty much every major muscle of the lower body including hamstring, quads, glutes, calves and your entire core.

How to do it: Stand straight with your legs open at shoulder-width distance, toes facing forward, and your arms at the side. Inhale and push your hips down like sitting on a chair, lower until your thighs are parallel to the floor, keep your spine straight and torso upright.

  1. Burpee: Burpees is a kind of exercise that works for your full body weight. It builds your muscles and improves your cardiovascular health. It strengthens the muscles in your hips, legs, abdomen, buttock, chest, arms and shoulders.

How to do it: Stand straight with your feet apart at shoulder-width distance. Lower down and put your palms on the floor. Put all the weight on your hands and jump your feet back, like in a plank position, and perform one push-up and jump your feet forward just beside your hands.

  1. Push-ups: Push-ups are a good body workout for strengthening the core and improving the stability of your body. It tones your chest, arms and shoulders, overall improves your body posture and gives you a better balance.

How to do it: Lie down with your face towards the floor, keep your hands on both sides, a little wider than your shoulder-width. Extend your arms and raise your body off the floor. Keep your lower body and upper body in a straight line. Bring your body closer to the floor by bending your arm and repeat it.

  1. Step-ups: Step-ups is body resistance exercise, help in strengthening the muscles in your buttocks and legs. It also targets your hamstrings, glutes muscles and quadriceps. It increases the potency and stability of your lower body.

How to do it: To begin the step up exercise you will need a small stool that can take your weight, or stairs are fine. Push your lead foot and lift your body on the stool, then go back to your starting position, repeat it for a few times.

  1. Yoga: Now yoga is a whole different thing, it calms you body and soul, and helps you with physical as well as mental health. Doing yoga regularly improves your physical fitness, breathing, and connects your mind with the inner self.

The Bottom Line 

Along with these physical exercises, nutrition is also very important for women’s fitness. A woman’s reproductive health also tells her overall health, and to maintain the overall health, reproductive health must be good.

Make use of these fitness tips for women and improve your overall health with the help of our best exercises for women.

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